Our new and improved fully upgraded PhotoBot. This is the unit that does all of the hard work and one that will wow your guests. With its impressive 32-inch touch screen it is easy to use and everyone can see themselves clearly. We have fitted it with an LED notification light ring that draws all of the guest’s eyes towards the camera making sure you get the best photos possible. The camera has been upgraded for higher quality photos and all of this in our new low-profile case to ensure it will fit in all venues. The printer even fits nicely inside with a slot for you to collect your prints from.

Due to its glitzy 360 design, it will look amazing when used as an open-air booth with bespoke designed backdrops or in our PixelBot Marshmallow.

Your Event, Your Way

How do you want to remember your special day?

Our PhotoBot allows your guests to choose between Prints, GIFs, Boomerangs, and Video clips each visit to the booth. We can enable or disable these to suit your preference.

Multiple Angles Covered

Our custom-built photoBot has been designed to be able to tilt the camera unit as well as lift and lower, this enables us to easily adjust the height to capture the best photos in any venue type. We can also switch between children’s and adults photos.

Corporate  Event

Need to collect a user survey at your event? We can add your survey to our booth so that your guest can complete after snapping their photo.