Pixel Memories

This is something not many photo booth company’s offer.

It is hard to find the time to go through a whole photo album as often as we would like. Here at PixelBot we have found a solution, so you can see all of your favourite photos everyday in bite-size form! We will take one of you favourite photos of the evening (or that you already have) and redraw it using all of the images we collect across the whole event shrunk down.This can then be given to you in a number of formats whether it be digitally or as a large wall masterpiece. We will present this to you for any changes before printing on to a choice of Canvas, Acrylic or Aluminium in an array of sizes.


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Prices starting from £100

Choose The Right Main Image
The main image you choose for your Pixel Memory art can be one taken on the night or one that you already own. Please note that when selecting an image, ones with less detail in tend to work better.

Want to hang this on your wall?
This is the perfect piece of art to hang on the wall. Due to the tiny pixel photos you can capture and entire day in one great photo. We can design, print and post your artwork to your door within a few weeks.

Provided Media Format
We automatically upload all videos to our PixelBot Cloud where you can download them whenever you wish to. As well as this we can provide your event media on DVD’s or USB  flash drive. If you have a specific way you would like the media then please let us know.