Want to capture comments from all your guests on video. We can enable video mode to collect short videos of each person that enters the booth. This can be very fun especially as the night goes on. At the end of the evening, you can have all the video files to watch through. If you would like the personal touch with some additional video production then we can provide you with a video guestbook with all videos stitched together for a great viewing experience.

Duration of each video
Should you decide on a video guestbook, we will encourage your guests to leave you a personal message when they enter the booth. We can change the duration of each recorded clip to suit the type of event. In general, we advise videos of around 15-20 seconds.

Themes For Your Video Guestbook
The video guest book will be themed to match your requirements. We can be creative in the way all of your guest’s video clips are stitched together.