In a nutshell, we have created PixelBot secure cloud gallery our cloud hosting solution where we save all the photos and videos from your event. We create a dedicated folder specifically for your event and password protect it. You will be given a password to access the area and you can share this with family and friends who you want to access them.  This is a nice way to make sure the photos we take are not only saved locally but in a secure online environment.

So that is nice, but what does this mean for you and your guests? Well, we can use the cloud offering to deliver some cool features for your event based on your requirements.

Some good examples of how we have used this before:

  • We place a small card on each table with a link. We also as you to share this link via any messaging app. This link will allow all of your guests to upload photos they take on their phones.
  • You provide a password to any friends and family (even if they were not at the event) so they can view and download too.

Your guests can also upload their photos to the cloud directly from their phone. This is a great way for you to get lots of extra photos that you may have missed and meant you can save on things like disposable cameras or asking people after the event.

These are your photos and we do not restrict them in any way. You are free to simply download from our PixelBot secure cloud gallery straight after the event or leave them there for safekeeping.

PixelBot secure cloud gallery
An overview of PixelBot Cloud

Our cloud is secure with password-protected galleries. This ensures only the people you want will see your photos.

No Hidden Agenda
Your event photos are safe on our cloud for as long as you require them. There is no charge or rush for you to remove them.

So Convenient
By centralising the location of all the event photos, the following day you do not need to speak to an army of people to try and get photos they took. You are free to download the high-quality photos and so can anyone else you shared the password with, now that’s magic!

Videos coming soon!