The PixelBot Exclusive Experience

We pride ourselves on not just offering a box that takes photos…
We offer a unique experience which is interactive, fun and ensures that guests are entertained whilst capturing memories in high definition.

Family Owned

At PixelBot, we strive to build relationships with all our clients by interacting with them and listening to their requirements. Our reputation is built on the happy people we have worked with.

Because we are a small business we are able to adapt our service to meet the requirements of each client. This means a bespoke service tailored to exactly what is needed.

Anne-Marie personally attends all bookings so she can engage with your guests and ensure everything proceeds smoothly on the day.


We are on the side-lines of every photo armed with a range of props, ready to throw at your guests, this adds variety to the photos  and an element of fun. If we happen to have a quiet moment at the booth, we encourage your guests to have a go. We will demonstrate to them how to use our photo booth and how to take boomerang videos. We find it quite surprising how many people are still unaware of boomerangs and are unsure of what to do.

Weddings can be quite frantic and serious for much of the day so when you finally wind down and take your photo in our booth it is usually the first time you are free to let loose, that is when some of the best photos happen!


We love boomerangs! They are really funny to look back on and some of the best ones are when half of the guests in the photo don’t actually know what’s happening 🙂

This bridesmaid forgot to tell the others that it was not just a photo 😉

Above and beyond

Sometimes, these events are the only time that most of your friends and family are in one location. We will discuss with you beforehand what key photos are desired of family & friends and ensure they are captured. We are always happy to arrange larger shots which can sometimes be quite chaotic and fun.

Prior to every event we always visit your venue to work out the best location for our photo booth. On the chance your venue does not fit the larger booth we will use our open-air booth with a backdrop making sure you still get the high quality experience we are known for.

We will be with you ever step of your booking and will work with you to give you

the best photo booth experience!

This is just some of what PixelBot has to offer. We are always happy to listen to your ideas and work with them. Please hit the contact button to discuss your wedding photo booth plans with us.

We look forwards to working with you in the future.