This is our 3m x 3m  x 2.6m white inflatable photo booth.

This booth creates an enclosure that can be illuminated from the inside, creating an evenly lit environment allowing for amazing photos of you and your guests. It provides a neutral and uniform background that creates a clean and professional-looking image. The enclosed design create a physical barrier between your guests and the party, allowing for greater privacy and comfort. We have found that people take much funnier photos when no one can see them. The inflatable design allows for quick and easy setup and pack down creating minimal disturbance to your event.

Product Dimensions
Our white inflatable photo booth will need 3.5m x 3.5m with a height of 2.7m to safely inflate. If you are not sure about sizing please ask us.
The product once inflated is 3m x 3m x 2.6m (10ft x 10ft x 6.7ft)

How many people can it hold at one time?
The Marshmallow can hold up to 17 people at any one time great for large photos.

Take a look!