When selecting the right photo booth for your event there are a few factors to consider. We have broken this down into the core components to help you with your decision.


At the heart of every photo booth, there is a camera. Without a doubt, this is what we consider to be the most important aspect to check on.

Checking what type of camera is being used is important. We only use DSLR cameras due to the superior picture quality they provide.


There are 4 main things to know about the printer.

There are a number of factors that make a good printer which will be covered below. Essentially, we favour dye-sublimation printers for their speed, quality and durability.

While this is not so important for smaller parties you do not want your guests waiting around for their prints. Especially when other people are waiting to use the photo booth. Our printer maintains its high quality and still produces prints in less than 10 seconds.

Have a vision of what you want your prints to look like? Not only can we custom design the outputs for you, we can also change the photo size.

Some companies will charge you per print, others a set price per hour.

We are flexible with print costs and can tailor this to the best option for your event. The most common style people prefer in 2 prints per visit for unlimited visits per hour. To reduce the total cost we can also go print-less while taking full advantage of our free included PixelBot Cloud solution.

Photo booth style

There are many shapes and styles of booth and there is no single right option. They all have their advantages and below are some things to consider when choosing the right one for your event.

Cubicle Style

Ordinarily, cubicle style booth’s are much smaller. Some allowing enough space for 2-3 people at a time. Generally these smaller booths will only capture the guests portrait which limits the type of photos you get.

We currently use a 3 x 3 x 3 metre white Inflatable booth called the PixelBot Marshmallow. This booth can fit up to 15 (at a squeeze) which makes for some great party shots!

Pros of having a closed booth

  • Enclosed area where there is better control of lighting and sound.
  • Creates an atmosphere that allows guests to feel free of watching eyes (funnier photos).
  • Can complement the decor of the event.

Open Air Style

With open air booths companies will often have a range of different coloured backdrops for you to choose from.

We can customise the backdrop to match the theme of your event or we can use a feature wall at your venue.

  • Flexible in size as it can fit in smaller venues or be expanded for larger ones.
  • Generally allows for more people in in the shot.


Does the photo booth come with a booth attendant?

Some companies offer a drop-off and collect service allowing the booth to run itself. Others provide an attendant who will stay for the duration of the booking.

I attend every booking myself often with my husband to ensure everything goes to plan. I also love engaging with guests and encouraging everyone to use the booth to get a wide range of amazing photos for you.

Photo Access & Storage

Your photos can be delivered in a number of ways which we will cover here.

Pixelbot has focused on delivering one of the best cloud platforms for a number of reasons which you can check out on our PixelBot Cloud page.

Physical Printouts

Aside from the printouts that your guests collect and additional print of each image is printed. This this kept in a book or box and provided to you at the end of the night.

USB Stick

This is the most common form of media provided. It gives you a simple drive with all your content on. Most companies will send this via post or drop it off a few days after the event. We generally do not support this as an option due to our heavy investment into PixelBot Cloud.

Cloud Access

You are provided with a link to access your content or it is automatically uploaded to social media for you and your guests to collect. PixelBot offers this option with every booking FREE OF CHARGE (Not often we get to say that 🤣)

You can view more on our Pixelbot Cloud Features or even take a look at the Client Portal