Your Wedding Photo Booth

When thinking of a photo booth, you probably picture the ones you see inside supermarkets. The rectangle tin cans where you would get your passport/ driving licence photos taken. Why would you want that at your beautifully planned and designed wedding? Photo booths have come a long way since then, and today’s photo booths come in many different shapes and sizes.


At PixelBot, we have two different styles of photo booth.
Our impressive white inflatable booth houses colour-changing LED lighting and creates an enclosed booth to fit up to 15 guests.
Or our open-air booth works in smaller spaces and the backdrop can be themed to your wedding colours. If you have a unique feature or view at your venue that you would like to use as a backdrop, we will work with you to make this happen. We also offer themed prop boxes, ensuring that all of the props match your wedding theme.
We design your photo card templates personally to suit your wedding colours as standard with every booking.


Couples usually book a photo booth to entertain their guests while they are off having their formal photos or as the evening guests start to arrive. Guests grab a funny hat or saxophone, strike a pose in front of the camera for a fun everlasting photo. The booth is all about having fun. In the booth, people let go of their inhibitions resulting in incredible photos that you would not get anywhere else.
In my experience, our photo booths are popular with everyone from small children to great grannies. One of our past brides commented her nephew, who has additional needs and hates having his photo taken spent time in our booth. She got some fantastic photos of him which the family were delighted to have. With a range of props, there is always something fun for everyone.

Accessing your memories

At PixelBot, we feel the most crucial part of the booth is the camera. The camera is the one device that will give you high-quality images that you can look back on and use time and time again. We use DSLR cameras in our booth to ensure you get the highest quality images. On the night your guests will receive a hight-quality fast print out that they can take away with them. Whats more PixelBot offers an industry-leading service free with every booking. We upload all photos taken in the booth to our password-protected cloud platform. You will receive a link so that your guests can upload photos they take on the night to the same cloud platform, all of your wedding photos in one safe place. Our cloud platform is linked to its own merchandise store to purchase items with your prints on easily. These can be used as thank-you presents, birthday presents or Christmas presents for months to come.

This is just some of what PixelBot has to offer. We are always happy to listen to your ideas and work with them. Please hit the contact button to discuss your wedding photo booth plans with us.

We look forwards to working with you in the future.